People are always engaging with the business from the comforts of technology.

As the world is becoming more advanced and modernized, the lives of all people are getting easier through mobile shopping, the latest apps, and the comforts of the newest portable technology…

Everything can almost literally be found online, your favorite restaurant, the closest gas station, even cures to the common cold.

However, not all websites and social media networks are created equally and not all businesses are the same.

Having a unique presence online is key to capturing your next customer…

And that’s where we can help!


Who are we?

We are a group of people who decided that the internet needed some cleaning up and came together.

Craig Morrell


Craig comes from more than 10+ years of web development background and has been building websites since the land of Geocities and Homestead, remember those sites?

He went to school and graduated second in his class for computer programing and website development from right here in New England. After college, he learned a great deal about the true needs of a business owner by gaining employment with one of the largest advertising agencies in North America to really understand advertising and marketing.

Craig’s love for technology and data has been a real strength when it comes to delivering strong results to businesses locally. Reach out and let’s discuss some new ways to grow an email list, build a site, or even build a database of cell phone numbers for a campaign!

Steve Cosme


Steve is a George Washington University graduate with a real passion for holistic marketing; Meaning, if it works, let’s do it the most effective way possible. Managing numerous marketing campaigns over the years, both print and digital has given him a unique perspective on both forms of advertising.

Always being business focused, Steve handles sales and campaign management with clients from start to finish. Often times taking on clients projects like they were his own, mapping out the best way to accomplish the goals of any small business owner and then bringing them to reality.

Steve always has an open ear to new ideas and strategies to utilize technology with traditional. He’d love to chat!

June Schilling


With June’s experience, knowledge and expertise, she is able to provide creative design solutions for a wide variety of print and production graphics. My goal is to consistently meet or exceed client expectations, while keeping within budget and delivering on time.

Providing customized graphic design services for businesses and individuals. With over 30 years experience, I’m very capable of managing projects from initial design to print production. Primarily print design services: logos, business packages, flyers, newsletters, brochures, posters, postcards, catalogs, banners, trade show displays, etc.

Her passion to deliver an outstanding piece of work to the client is what really separates her from all others.

Yuliya Biziuk


Yuliya, a web designer and coder for the Belarusian Government, comes with a unique vision of how the internet should work. Recently graduating from Central Connecticut State University in Computer Science, she joined our team as a web designer. She’s highly efficient in web development, graphic design, javascript programing, and MySQL server database admin work.

She is working on multiple projects, including a photography portfolio, a very detailed ecommerce shopping basket, and desktop only to mobile friendly WordPress conversion. She’s also fluent in Russian, Polish and (of course) English – so reach out!

Jessica Buller


Jessica works closely behind the scenes dissecting the most diverse marketing campaigns. She helps analyze things that work the best, and picking apart pieces of campaigns to make better suggestions on how they should improve. She loves learning about the different products and services small businesses in Connecticut offer and how to find their perfect customer.

Her biggest complaint about the internet is having OUT OF DATE information online when she’s looking for a place to eat. So she looks to help people get the simple things fixed quickly, especially their business hours and website! If you’re showing up online but your hours are always wrong, your phone number is old, or your website isn’t mobile friendly- we need to get that fixed!

Maybe You


We’re a small internet marketing and web development agency located in downtown Bristol, Connecticut looking to expand our capabilities with smart people!

If you have a love for anything we have to offer, we want to chat!

Drop a quick message on our Contact Page or our Careers page to apply and we’ll be in touch soon!