SMALL BIZ WEBSITES: "We have one to just have one........ya know"


Your website is your storefront in the internet world. Think about it.

Where would your store be located? On Main St.or in the middle of nowhere? When someone happens to step they see a dusty abandoned hallway or an inviting atrium with a pleasant decor and freshly made chocolate chip cookies at the front desk?

Put yourself in your potential customer's shoes who just jumped on to to do some research on where to research/buy: dress shirts, smoothie, massage therapist, a precision machining company, house, etc.

Where is your website listed? (...remember to think this is your store/company)

Page 1...or Page 10

Is it difficult or easy to find your business online?

...Now imagine you managed to land on your website (in your store/at your office). Did you find what you came for? Did you get sketched out and leave? Did you give some information for them to follow up on? Did you make a purchase?


Today, many small businesses are realizing what the web has to offer with the unique ability to gather data.  Why? Because this data helps you (Mr./Mrs. Owner) make informed business decisions in order to increase your bottom line. 

Sounds great and all in your head right?....But you say-I don't have time for this now. Every day that goes by without your company reacting to the evolving business environment only means your competition is getting that much more of a head start and taking your business away. 

This is where CAM Marketing Group can help.
We are trained to bring your website from the scary back alley to the coveted Digital Main Street.  By utilizing tools such as SEM/SEO, Website Development, Lead Generation and Social Media management your we show how your small business can make a BIG impact on the world wide web.   Our ability to understand marketing analytics means you don't need to.  Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of the internet world so you can make the best decisions to grow your business.  So we ask now, why do you have a website?
Find yourself needing some help or just have some questions about this stuff?
Schedule a time to chat with us and let's make a successful plan for the upcoming year.  We help small businesses get BIG results. 

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