Location Location Location!

Have you ever wondered why you're found OR completely invisible online or even with a brick and mortar location? It's because the world is a very different place and our local neighborhoods have expanded.

(Image of Main Street Disney, copyright Disney, photograph taken by unknown)

Technology has taken our shops and businesses beyond Main Street, beyond the city limits and even in some cases beyond states and countries! But to find these GREAT places, they need to connect to where the people are looking. Seeing as more than 58% of Americans are using smart phones (www.pewinternet.org.../mobile-technology-fact-sheet/) and they all search for local in different ways, it's important to have consistencies and wide spread reach so you're found everywhere possible.

Our top 5 most important places to be featured:
Google Local & Google+
Primary starting places for Android users is of course Google. And with a search engine like Google being the dominate search engine out there, it makes sense!
Very known for its strong user reviews, easy to use interface amongst smart phones and computers. It's also the first search point when asking Siri (Apple iPhone) where something is...


Facebook runs frequent scans for business listings so it's users can "check in" and eventually become the go-to directory for local business. Facebook (of course) is also the main place your customers are going to connect with you and remember you. And in some cases, unclaimed businesses online can be manipulated by anyone, including your competitors. Control your own info!
Often times overlooked, the white pages online directory is often times scanned by dozens of other directory-based sites, including YP.
... and Tens of Dozens more+!

We've brought on some amazing technology that sync's all of your business information online with more then 80+ websites (including above)! Our technology even allows for monthly coupon update, call to action and image upload! We will make your presence online uniform with the essentials like your phone number, website, location address, business hours, and descriptions of what you do, and so forth. Having all of this info consistent shows professionalism and helps improve how you show up online, so people show up in person!

Where ever you are, let's make sure you're found correctly. For a report on how you're showing up, reach out and we'll be glad to share with you complimentary when you reference you read about this on our blog.

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