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We take the difficulties and headache out of SEO for you. Our approach takes your success to a whole new level.

Local SEO for Small Business in Connecticut


How long does it take?
A typical SEO campaign can take anywhere from a few weeks to 9 months to show strong results. The beauty of our system is that you pay only for results. We follow the guidelines for natural SEO progression to grow your results over time.
Do you use contracts?
Yes. We take a relatively short time to prove results, 6 months minimally.
What about White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat methods?
In terms of methodologies, we only follow white hat (and some dabbles of gray hat) optimization to gain results for you. Manipulating search results with "black hat" tactics has always been a conversation of ethics. Such deceptive practices can get your website penalized and damage your search results. We believe small business websites are a crucial part of any companies assets, which take it as seriously as you do.
How does your pricing work?
As an example, using "barber shop in Plainville CT", if John's website was appearing on the 4th page in the 3rd spot, the cost would be $37. When his website improves to the 2nd page in the 7th spot, the cost would be $52. As he progresses to page 1 in the 5 spot, the cost would be $106. Finally, when we hit the top 3 spots on page 1, the cost would be $189.

Please keep in mind, pricing varies on many different factors and this is just an example of how it works.

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We're a web design and internet marketing company based in Bristol, CT. Focused on connecting people to small businesses using Local SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, utilizing technology like Free WiFi, and of course, beautiful websites.
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