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Turn your Free WiFi into Repeat Customers

Free WiFi for Marketing

Let your customers enjoy secure internet access! In exchange for using your free Wi-Fi, you can capture their information and securely relay it to your marketing database. Utilizing automation for a worry-free process, our system will invite them back to visit again at a later time. WiFiPpl is a cloud-based, secured Wi-Fi hotspot platform system which allows customers to connect wirelessly via their social network or email.

Check out the product overview and demo

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How This Works...

advertise as normal

Market to Locals

By offering specials & events to bring in new local customers via social media

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Validate the Visit using Free WiFi

Customers securely log into your free WiFi by social sign-in

automation for small business

Automated SEO & Reputation Growth

Automatically request positive reviews growing your online reputation & search rankings

automated follow up for restaurants

Invite Back

Bring your best customers back using email, text message, and push notifications!

With our technology, it'll allow your customers to connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, or SMS Text in exchange for Free Wi-Fi access at your location.

connect to wifi using facebook twitter linkedin sms email

Interested in pay to connect options? We can help with that too.

guest pay for wifi

A cloud-based, secured WiFi hotspot platform system which allows customers to connect wirelessly via their social network. In exchange for free Wi-Fi, their information is captured and securely saved into our database. Your customers enjoy secure internet access and you can send them offers, coupons, specials, and more. It's that simple.

Very easy. You can install our device directly into your router or switch, but we'll help! We make sure everything is working to avoid any complications with your social WiFi hotspot. We'll even contact your IT support and discuss any special requirements. If you're a large venue (shopping mall, sports arena, multiple-story hotel, etc.,) it's still fairly simple but we just need to know more info. If you weren't comfortable handling the setup, we have highly skilled networking professionals available to help with the installation!
No, our proprietary device is compatible with existing hardware using a single LAN port.
Customers become Facebook fans while sharing with their friends and increasing your visibility. The true return is based on how well you promote with customers and if your campaigns keep them engaged. Our WiFi marketing platform has a full range of graphs and analytics providing you marketing insights. Combine these marketing efforts with an effective social media strategy, you're sure to dominate!

Yes! As long as your hotspot has ethernet ports. Although 3MB is adequate, we recommend an internet connection of at least 5MB down and 5MB up for a fast stable connection.

Using MikroTik hardware, we can convert your cellular driven data connection into a Free WiFi hotspot. Turning any mobile food truck or remote location into a lead generating hub!

Definitely as this is a great way to monetize WIFI! Publish co-partner or sponsor brand marketing campaigns. Our system was designed and manages a large ad server to load specific advertisements on your hotspot network. Unlike traditional hotspots, our system displays real-time metrics such as recency, frequency, duration and other demographics based on the Facebook Social Graph.
Absolutely! It doesn't matter how many public WiFi hotspots you have or where they're geographically located. Simply install our hardware at as many or all of your venues to create a network that allows you a broader database for targeted marketing or to cross-promote your businesses. It's like having your own, custom on-demand advertising network. There are lots of ways to generate new revenue too!
With our social WiFi marketing platform, customers can log on with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email, and Text Message (SMS). You choose the channels and we may be adding more soon. Pay-for-WiFi can be configured for any dollar/duration of your choosing, payment verified using Stripe, Paypal, or Authorize.net gateways.
While we are limited to servicing just the United States (currently), you would be able to access your US-based network anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. Available in over 40 languages, with the ability for your users to change to their preference!
We work nicely with other marketing agencies looking to enhance their product offering. Please reach out and we're happy to put a strategy together to help you grow!

Working for Any Business

Mall of America

WiFi Marketing for Shopping Centers & Retail

Communication & Reward Shopping Center and Mall Customers.

Hotel Lobby With Free WiFi

Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality Services, Hotels, Motels, Resorts WiFi Marketing.

Restaurants & Bars Free WiFi

Restaurants & Bars

Improve Social Media strategy, effective loyalty marketing and more customers.

Doctors Waiting Room WiFi

Medical Lobby Marketing

For hospital waiting rooms, dental waiting rooms, doctor waiting rooms etc. Advertising, Sponsor & Communication Revenue Opportunity.

Local Parks & Public Areas Free WiFi

Municipal WiFi

Monetization, Advertising & Communication Opportunity.

Event, Conferences & Stadium Free WiFi

Event, Conferences & Stadiums

Advertising, Sponsors, Announcements, Give-Aways, and other Communication Revenue


Our included equipment is agnostic and easy to install to your current hardware!

Fully secured and compliant with public WiFi laws. We support most service carrier networks, including Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner, Frontier, Charter, and Verizon FiOS.  Just provide us the unique MAC address and 1 LAN port – Simple!


You'll know your customers like you've done business with them for years!

Our cloud-based portal includes a detailed analytics platform with real-time and historical customer data and trends. Secure and available anytime, our tools help you analyze and segment your audience.

Natural Social Media Growth

It’s not easy to grow your entire social network... Until now!

With our WiFi marketing software; Everyone who logs onto your WiFi will be asked to ‘Like’ you on Facebook allowing you immediate social media engagement to a wider network of friends and their followers.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

List building is the absolute key to any marketing campaign

Send messages each month using both email and Facebook notifications to inform of promotions and events. Save on printing and mail costs – get your message directly to your actual customers. The effectiveness of print campaigns ranges from 1-4% – however, with Facebook and email opt-in, this increases to 25-47%!

Materials to Help Out!

Our goal is to help you grow your customer base and reach!

You’ll receive stickers and display signs informing your customers of a free WiFi network available at your business encouraging people to log in. As more users come on line, the larger your database grows, get more recommendations and extend your campaign reach.

Reviews & Customer Surveys

Grow your reviews on Yelp, Google Local, or other places where people search.

Surveys are an effective tool for assessing quality of your product, service, etc. Send questionnaries to people who have visited your business and used your services.

Smarter Promotions

Everyone on your WiFi will see current promotions & offers.

You can also set up co-sponsored advertisements!  Create unique messages to appear at different times & days.  Schedule advance messages, including unique social media posts.  Simple to use – no graphics experience required!s.

Campaign Growth

The automatic customer database builder!

Every guest logging into your WiFi will be added to your customer database. This allows you to communicate with the people who have already benefitted from your services and are likely to return and bring their friends.

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