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Homes in Connecticut with foundations crumbling and cracking in connection with Mottes concrete. We're helping repair the damage before your home and family fall in danger. Contact Eastern Waterproofing at 860-875-6646 or visit us to learn more.

Concrete Crumbling & Deteriorating Foundations

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There has been surge of news coverage recently in regards to crumbling house foundations in Connecticut. J J Mottes Concrete has been at the center of this debate. J J Mottes provided and still provides ready-mix concrete to homeowners and builders throughout Connecticut, many near their base of operations in Stafford Springs, CT. For reasons still largely unknown, after about 10-15 years of age the concrete in these structures begins to crumble. The results can be frightening. Aside from water leakage and cosmetics, some severely deteriorated foundations appear to be unsafe. But are they, really?

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Kids and family dentist, Smile Center in Terryville CT

Family Dentistry, Smile Center with Dr Ralph Bozza

Dr Ralph Bozza and the Smile Center,
located on the Bristol line, has helped with teenage braces, wisdom teeth extraction, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, denture work and more!

We did a little video interview showing off The Smile Center in Terryville CT with Dr Ralph Bozza!

What To Expect When Hiring a CT SEO Consultant?

If you’ve ever thought about hiring someone to do Bristol or Greater Hartford CT SEO work on your website then you may have some questions. If you have already hired someone and were not pleased then you probably wonder why you ever hired them in the first place. Doesn’t every person who offers SEO services truly know how to do it?

The answer is a resounding NO.

Before you sign up for new SEO services in the Greater Hartford area for the first time, please listen to what I have to say.

I will be upfront and tell you that not all SEO "gurus" are created equal. In fact, anyone who truly labels themselves as such probably couldn’t even rank a website within a few months if they tried.

SEO and Web Design ARE NOT the Same Thing!

Bristol CT SEO CAM-Marketing-Group

CAM Marketing Group
Bristol Connecticut

The problem with SEO services is that anyone who thinks they can create a website in Hartford  also thinks they can successfully be a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist. Sadly, this trend has been on fire worldwide ever since SEO consulting began and it has not lost any momentum. The fact that amateur web designers are offering even worse SEO services than their already low quality websites is a shame to business owners who want results. Now, please listen, I’m not saying there are not great web designers in the area; there are some amazing ones! But what I am saying is that unless you’ve truly been working in the SEO industry day in and day out, watching new trends, rankings sites, working the trenches, and so on… then you don’t really know SEO at all!

Even the top website designers who are amazing at what they do and consistently deliver great websites can be lacking when it comes to SEO. Why? Because SEO and website design are completely different!

It is true that when building a website there are basic optimization principles that the developer needs to be aware of, but these are so easy that my 6 year old cousin could learn them if I taught him. Literally.

I’ve gotten many clients through this process, referrals from amazing web designers. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are web designers who can do a very good job at SEO. But generally speaking in the Bristol area when I talk to potential clients they always tell me the same thing… their SEO efforts were not what they expected and the campaign didn’t last very long.

Let me give you a basic overview of what SEO should be and what a small business owner expects:

Let’s take a look at what happens when you hire an amateur SEO consultant:

SEO isn’t just supposed to happen “in the background”. As a Connecticut small business you should be fully engaged in the process and be aware of what’s happening with your website. There’s no magic button when it comes to SEO and anyone who tells you otherwise is being ignorant and unethical. There's also no way any of us can control the search engines and the algorithms they use to put you in first place, so be cautious of "Guarantees" that don't make sense.

What Can I Offer Your Business?

I guess what it comes down to is that when I am working with clients I try to be as transparent as possible. Are there things my client will not understand? Yes. Are there technical specifics that I will not bother to share with my client? Yes. That’s why they are hiring a professional!

Generally speaking when you take your car in to have something repaired you are not asking about every single step along the way. Sure, you want to have a good understanding and be aware of what’s going on under the hood, but there’s no reason to look over the mechanic’s shoulder day in and day out.

There’s a big difference between keeping your SEO clients in the dark and being transparent.

Bristol Rising "Renaissance"

Upcoming Bristol Renaissance


It’s an art. I truly believe that to do SEO correctly in Bristol you need to have experience and have proof to back up your claims that you can “get your client higher up in Google”.

So here’s my point after all this rambling… What can I offer you as a business owner in Greater Hartford or Bristol or anywhere (really!)?

I can offer you high quality and transparent SEO services. I’ve been making a full time living doing this for the last few years. I know what I’m doing. Can the guy down the street that wants to SEO your site honestly say that?

Can the huge agency that hires college interns with 6 months experience say that?


Everyone has to start somewhere and slowly build up their SEO skills, but lucky for you I’ve already done the hard work and I live and breathe search engine optimization each and every day.
So give us a call at 860-248-6993 and we can discuss your company’s unique needs! Talk soon.

PS – if you are reading this post from another city or state feel free to also give me a call! I work with many companies on a daily basis that are thousands of miles away from me.

Why you have a lazy website, and what to do about it...

Do you have a website? Do you think it “works”? And what does “work” look like for your business? Enquiries, sales, awareness? Whatever your objective, your website is the 24 hour shop front for your business. And the beauty of that is; it’s always open.

But your website doesn’t work for free. It’s a work-in-progress and unfortunately the “build and they will come” philosophy doesn’t float online. Instead, the “build it and keep making it better” philosophy works.

If your website isn’t pulling its weight, check out these nine tips to get your website working its sock off.

Your site looks like it’s stuck in the 90s

A fresh, up-to-date website will give your business more cred than you think. Outdated, boring or drab designs can damage your brand and prevent people from using your services or buying your products. Websites are all about building trust online. Would you trust a site from the Stone Age?

You need a road map

If your site is busy, cluttered and confusing you make it difficult from people to buy. Remove any distracting banners, or advertisements and opt for a clean, simple and user-friendly design. Make sure your call-to-actions are clear. If you don’t tell people what you want them to do, then your conversion rates will suffer.

You’ve lost control

Not being able to update your site easily is a big no-no. In fact these days there’s no excuse for not building a site in an easy to use CMS (content management system) like WordPress. That way you can update your images, text and blog regularly. Your customers and potential customers will not only love you for it, so will Google.

Site? What site?

When your site launches, invest some time (and yes, money) in getting your site out there. Register your site with Google My Business, Yelp, Google+, and other social networking sites that your audience will be interacting on such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are also loads of business listing sites that you can list with that will help boost your website rankings.

A bogged blog

You might have a blog page, but if it was last update 5 months ago it’s not going to do your customers, your brand or your website any favours.

And if you do blog, you might not have the right content strategy in place. Posting content is one thing, but consistently posting with a purpose is another. Know your target audience, brand’s voice, SEO objectives and distribution channels in order to craft compelling, fresh and accessible content that visitors will crave.

Not mobile friendly

All websites need to be fully compatible with mobile devices. Not ifs or buts. Mobile traffic now accounts for considerable portions of website traffic and if you’re not mobile friendly you could be missing out on sales.

You’ve missed the mark on messaging

If you haven’t taken the time to write authentic and unique content, your message is more than likely missing the mark. A general rule of thumb is that if a 5th grader can’t read and understand it, then it’s not good copy. So keep it simple!

You don’t play the numbers game

Marketing is measurable – website traffic is measurable. Small business owners should look at their website stats at the very least, monthly. Google Analytics is a great (free) tool that packs so much analysis punch, you really don’t need to go anywhere else. By reviewing your stats you can find a goldmine of insights, including where your traffic is coming from and opportunity.

Suffering from social media shyness

By being active on social media you drive traffic to your website. If you don’t regularly post links to your website (mainly through your blog) on social media you are missing out on mountains of traffic.

Not only is your audience active on some sort of social platform, search engines like Google use social media networks to give authority to websites that have social proof. Social proof is determined by looking at how many times your content was shared across various social networks and how many back links social media websites link to your website.

Written by:  Darnelle O'Brien of KISS Metrics - 100% on point bro!

Wedding DJ Service CT SEO Review - DJ Butch Gray

Wedding DJ Service CT SEO Review - DJ Butch Gray

We did an SEO review on DJ Butch Gray's Wedding DJ Service here in Hartford CT. 🙂

Photographer in Hudson Valley NY SEO Review for Kristie Conte Photography

Photographer in Hudson Valley NY SEO Review for Kristie Conte Photography

Predictions on Mobile Data Traffic

APTOPIX Vatican Pope

If everybody has a smartphone, maybe we’ll soon just start calling them phones.

Cisco Systems on Tuesday released its annual multiyear forecast for global mobile data traffic. This one, covering the years 2014-2019, has what has become the usual projection of tenfold growth in mobile traffic over the period — in this case, to 24.3 exabytes a month. One exabyte is a billion gigabytes.

Digging into the numbers, a few significant factors are seen as the causes for that sustained growth.

For one, by 2019, 69 percent of the world, or 5.2 billion people, are expected to be mobile users. Among that crowd, there will be 4.6 billion smartphones, compared with 3.1 billion feature phones. Clearly, many people will own more than one phone. The study also covered connected devices like tablets and Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, which Cisco said were likely to regain share from tablets.

The growth in smartphones is interesting not just because they will be the majority type of phone sometime around 2018; smart devices tend to use more data, so that 97 percent of overall global traffic will be from smart devices. Video is expected to be a particularly big bandwidth hog: 72 percent of mobile traffic will be video, Cisco said.

Another important development is the amount and type of traffic that will be offloaded from conventional cellular systems to Wi-Fi and small cell networks. Cisco said 54 percent of mobile data traffic will be on these systems, which keep carriers from congestion, but also keep them from realizing some profits, since they can’t charge for Wi-Fi connections the same way.

“We see 24.3 exabytes a month on global cellular in 2019, but 29 exabytes a month on Wi-Fi,” said Thomas Barnett Jr., the Cisco employee who led the study. “By 2018, the number of minutes of voice over Wi-Fi systems could surpass LTE,” or the traditional digital voice traffic for which carriers charge, he said.

Another big change Mr. Barnett saw was the number and type of connections between machines. Right now, he said, low-power, wide-area connections, like device monitoring in a hospital or asset tracking in a factory, amount to one-tenth of 1 percent of total mobile connections. In five years Cisco thinks that could rise by 80 fold, to 8 percent of the 11.5 billion device connections to mobile networks.

“There could be regulatory issues and new business models because of this,” he said. “Carriers may have to charge a flat fee for connecting those” instead of the traditional method of metering devices.

Not surprisingly, global network speeds are also projected to increase, if only in an effort to keep up with the consumption. Cisco said by 2019 average mobile connections speeds will be about 4 megabits a second, up from about 1.7 megabits a second in 2014.

Some new devices, like wearable technology with video cameras, could put pressure even on that increased speed. Mr. Burnett noted that, while Google Glass is “dead,” other wearables like the GoPro camera are increasing in popularity. These typically use about five megabits a second when connected, he noted.

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Wedding Photographer SEO Review

Wedding Photography for Hartford CT-5 Diamond Photography SEO review 

We did a SEO review on a local Hartford CT Wedding Photographer, 5 Diamonds Photography, and while we loved the style, the marketing of site was a little short... Check out the video to find out more. 🙂

5Diamond Photography is a top-notch photography company servicing the tri-state area including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. Providing top-quality photography, VERY professional and amazing value, they are definitely a company to do business with!

If you'd like us to review your site, we'd be more then happy to! Leave a comment below and we'll get back to you! 🙂

SEO and How You're Found

SEO progresses all the time-- there are many formula updates and revitalization methods that cause rankings to alter. An SEO approach that isn't really frequently changing is destined for failing. While there is no "one-size-fits-all" option when it involves Search Engine Optimization, below are five locations of concentration that could assist improve your overall search exposure campaign.

1. Focus on ROI, not keyword positions.

Merely ranking for keywords does not mean your Search Engine Optimization campaign is successful. Keywords ranking could be made to look impressive and also numerous SEO firms will certainly even target reduced competitors keywords (that have absolutely no worth) merely to say, "Inspect it out - your website is ranking number one!".

As a small company, alloting your advertising and marketing budget to SEO, what would you want to hear out of your SEO agency's mouth?

"Excellent news, your internet site is ranking number one for 'low cost widgets' however we have no idea if it has produced a ROI for your company.".

"The material that we created and released last month earned your internet site 52 web links as well as it likewise pulled in 18 conversions that represented $26,640 of your monthly revenue.".

Pretty PDF keyword ranking guides don't clarify whether Search Engine Optimization is functioning-- your conversions, profits as well as ROI do. Keeping your SEO company in the know on how you operate, helps you grow.

2. Produce well considered content positions that earn hyperlinking.

After the dirt clears up from every update and algorithm modification throughout the years one thing never ever transformed: inbound links are still one of the most prominent signal of count on and authority. This isn't really changing anytime soon.

What has changed is the means of how hyperlink acquisition should be approached. Gaining a top quality hyperlink on a relevant site is important for a number of factors-- Search Engine Optimization, referral web traffic, leads, sales as well as brand name exposure. Promoting content properties such as infographics and also tour guides are great ways to naturally attract inbound web links properly. Produce something so great that websites can not aid however share it and also connect back to your website.

3. Maximize your web site for mobile website traffic.

ComScore anticipated that mobile traffic would surpass desktop web traffic in 2014, and their prediction was right on point. Google has actually always made it clear that they really feel responsive sites give the very best encounter for their users. Now there is a "mobile-friendly" classification in the search engine result beside internet sites that are undoubtedly mobile friendly in the eyes of Google and the viewer at hand (no pun intended).

Not sure if your internet site is mobile friendly? Run it through Google's mobile-friendly examination and view for yourself. Google isn't alone, as Bing has actually likewise mentioned they favor a solitary receptive LINK. There are numerous reasons your website must be responsive, so if you fail the mobile-friendly test it would certainly be a good idea to address your site ASAP.

4. A lot more laser concentrated social media sites connected.

Many small businesses sign up for every social media website and share their material everywhere. Social network is now a legit advertising and marketing channel in addition to an online client service stations. Your social media sites audience expects your company to engage with them on a much more personal degree.

Rather than trying to be energetic on every social media sites platform readily available, concentrate on two or 3 and be extremely energetic as well as useful. You will wind up creating a lot more leads, sales and also profits, and also you will certainly likewise develop a really dedicated complying with that will certainly share your web content. This helps your Search Engine Optimization when new folks are presented to your web site or even presents chances to earn hyperlinks.

5. Look past simply Google.

Could 2015 be the year that Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo take even more market share? This is the million-dollar question annually, but recent developments suggest that it is really feasible.

Yahoo is now the default online search engine for Firefox, and also ComScore records that they nabbed 1.6 percent from Google in December. Google's bargain is likewise up with Safari this year, and also guides have both Bing and Yahoo attempting to protect that area. The choice to switch default browsers in iOS 8 and also OS X from Google to DuckDuckGo also already exists.

With alternatives other compared to Google ending up being more easily offered you require to make sure your business has visibility throughout these search engines.