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225 N MAIN ST, STE 301

We’re located in the heart of downtown Bristol, Connecticut. With easy access to interstate 84 via route 72 and route 8 via route 6 – We are about 30 minutes from Hartford, Waterbury, Torrington, and Middletown CT.

Unsatisfied with the way local businesses were handling their marketing efforts and overall online presence, CAM Marketing Group was formed.

Starting with the basics, we stepped back and started looking at the local front to see what everyone was doing online. We found that most mom & pop shops were being approached with cookie-cutter set ups, old methods of marketing, outdated information online with difficulty in updating it, and even poorly designed websites – this had to stop!

We started out by simply rebuilding websites in the most efficient way possible.

They had to:

-Look great on the computer
-Have the same look and flow on a smartphone
-Provide crystal clear information about who’s going to the site
-And be easy enough for MOST people to update without long term billing contracts

We grew…

And our customers needed to as well. As websites we’re going live, new problems emerged and that was connecting people to those websites to grow their sales.

SEO & AdWords Search Marketing

It was no surprise that people were looking for things on Google and we needed to put our customers on that first page. Have you ever looked for your favorite pizza on page 2? No. And no one else does either.

The businesses we work with understand this and trust us with over $10,000 a month in advertising to make sure their customers are finding them. We work with a variety of companies, including plumbers, driveway paving, dentist offices, bus services, restaurants, and wedding professionals delivering them new customers every month.

Lost Little Store

You know when marketing is expensive?
When it doesn’t work.

Our restaurants were having a real struggle getting their marketing costs down while slowly growing their marketing efforts. The problem is how competitive the market place is (no kidding, right?) so we sought after a way to lower those costs. A great way to do it is through remarketing (remarketing is delivering an advertisement after someone has be delivered some form of advertisement already).

But how…? Let’s give them something free so we can bring them and their friends back later!

Helping our restaurants grow a marketing database using a service they give away for free = Genius!

So as of Spring 2016, we’re launching our latest product, WiFiPpl.

Free WiFi for Marketing!

We’re looking forward to whatever comes next… And we’d love to work with you!

Drop us a line any time!